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An A. Whole is an actor that is knowledgeable and confident in all areas of the acting business. A collaborator who understands the technique of acting, the technical side of being on set in front and behind the camera, the business side of the industry, the process of creating a production from scratch and an internally balanced self-confident individual who is willing to take risks and go big, even in the face of fear. And cheers on supportively the success of others knowing when one succeeds, we all succeed.


creating your own opportunities ensures success
whether you think you can or you can't, you're right
This Weeks Lesson

Success is INEVITABLE if you have the right mindset

be so good they can't ignore you

act as if

you can only connect the dots by looking backwards.
the moment is all that

you're already good enough

You're an original, be the best version of you!

Acting is an emotional sport, You are an emotional athlete. Don't get on the court without warming up!

if you don't believe in you, why should anyone else?


Brent Harvey

Award-winning; Marine Corps Veteran, Actor, Writer & Director

After serving as a Combat Cameraman in the Marine Corps, I followed my dream to become a Hollywood Actor, Writer, and Director.   


Since then, I have created many successful short films, feature films, commercials, music videos, and web series, including Struggle-ing, which was up for 2 Prime Time Emmy Awards. But if I'm being honest, I've failed more than I have succeeded. What I realized is that it had nothing to do with "lucky" or "talent" It's primarily because of self-sabotage, due to my mindset and beleif system that I was taught at a young age. 

So 10 years ago when given the opportunity to mentor other actors and guide them on their creative journeys I made a promise to myself to help them from making the same mistakes I made. Help them to achieve my level of success as quickly as possible.


Since then I have continued to learn and grow my knowledge and skillset to help fellow actors overcome their obstacles and create breakthroughs in their work and by focusing on creating a healthy, strong mindset as the actor's foundation, then they are able to not only absorb to follow through with any technique they wish.  Which then allows them to have success in their personal life and their creative career.   And most importantly the actor enjoys the journey instead of focusing on the end result.


I believe when an individual is self-empowered and knows their value they can't be taken advantage of, they don't accept anything less than what they deserve and therefore are free to go big in life without fear.

My goal is to help you Empower Your Self-Sustaining Actor. 


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How I Can Help You?


- Access to 8 years of coaching archives

- Full-length weekly Q & A recordings

- Audio recordings.

- Coaching & Online Courses Discounts

$3 month
Coming Soon

60 min One-on-One with Brent focusing on finding the deepest connection and authenticity in your audition.

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Free weekly group Zoom calls where Brent will discuss topics ranging from all aspects of the creative industry and answer any questions.

Saturdays 11AM PST


Get to the heart of your work directly with Brent. Customized to fit your goals, dreams, and schedule. We will focus on everything from mindset to technique to craft.

(Spaces are limited)

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In-Person Classes

Weekly group scene study class with Brent.

Coming Soon
Script Analysis & Character
Breakdown Course


11 Video Lessons that take you through a step-by-step process of breaking down a script and connecting to the character and the world within it with strong, clear choices to make your character and performance come alive with ease.

What I
I knew

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What I Wish I Knew is a collection of wisdom from years in the school of hard knocks of life. Created when my eldest niece was graduating High School, I wanted to give her what I wish someone had given me at that age about how to navigate life and the world. Through years of experience and self-work, this is a collection that spans over twenty years of my own personal growth, failures, successes, loves, and losses in hopes that these lessons will be as useful to the other generations as they have for me.

I Am
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This Daily/Weekly Goal Setting Journal gives you space to not only set your weekly tasks and goals but to also do your daily journaling and gratitude list to ensure goal achievement.



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